Micro Tolerances on Sliding Head Machined Parts
Whether our customers need large components or micro turned parts with tight tolerances, Innovative Manufacturers can provide a cost effective turning solution. Tolerances of ± 15 microns (0.015mm) on diameter are routine for our operation, with tolerances under ± 10 microns (0.01mm) also within our reach, complete on the Sliding Headstock Automated Machinery.

Micro Finish of Swiss Auto Turned Components
One of the benefits of running single spindle Swiss turning equipment is the high quality surface finish that can be achieved. We routinely meet surface finish requirements of Ra 1.6 μm on the Swiss type automat machines often using only standard tooling depending on the material, with specialization in machining difficult materials such as SS / Stainless Steels.

We use reliable, certified local sources for

>   Metallurgical Testing
>   Heat Treatment and Hardening
>   Plating and Chemical Finish

Employing a highly skilled workforce with a wealth of experience, we have the ability to develop and manufacture the most challenging critical parts for our customers.