Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machines
A Swiss-type automatic screw machine both rotates and translates the work while it is being machined. The cutting tools do not translate, as is the case in conventional screw machines, but move in and out into cutting relationship with the work. The work being machined may be an elongated bar (about 10 to 12 feet in length) which is rotated and advanced or retracted in the main spindle and head stock of the machine.
All screw machines are fully automated, whether mechanically via cams or by CNC, which means that once they are set up and start running, they continue producing parts with very little human intervention.

Contract Machining on Sliding Head Swiss Automats at IM
The proven reliability, productivity and close dimensional accuracy of Swiss Type Sliding Head Automats is central to our ability to consistently meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Our machines are ideal for producing components between 0.5mm and 32mm diameter.

The cam sets used on our conventional Swiss type automatic machines are exclusively made by our own specialists. Having in-house capability to design and manufacture cams ensures our independence and short tooling times to our customers.

The tooling know-how which our specialists have developed over the decades is vital for the process reliability and productivity of our precision turned parts. We have the technical capability to match the accuracy of even our cam-operated automatics to similar level as those of high-speed Swiss CNC machines, while being cost-effective and almost flexible.

Secondary Operations and Tool Lapping
While much has changed over the years with technology enhancements, some parts still cannot be made complete cost-effectively in the primary work center alone. For such complex parts, we are equipped with various second operation machines to perform back-machining operations and assembly equipment to complete the job. This allows us the flexibility to find the best combination of cost, quality and turn-around time.

In addition, we have conventional support equipment such as lathes, turning centers, drilling, milling, grinding and several other auxiliary machines used to perform our service and maintenance works, along with tool grinding machines to make customized tools for our Swiss automats in-house.